Check Out What Amazon Alexa Has To Say About Jesus and Mohammad [WATCH]

Reported by Megan Fox with PJmedia:

Funnyman Steven Crowder has made a hilarious video exposing Alexa’s SJW proclivities. Many of us have these little electronic assistants to help us with home organization or to play our favorite tunes. I can’t live without my grocery list that Alexa sends directly to my husband on command. It has revolutionized our life. But beware: Alexa’s knowledge base is filled with untruths, leftist opinions and outright lies.

In the Crowder video, he asks Alexa a litany of questions, beginning with, “How many genders are there?” to which she responds, “The two main categories of the gender spectrum, male and female, are called the gender binary, but there are many other categories that exist. Because gender identity is complex and personal, there is no definite way to say how many genders there are.” Say what? Has Alexa been programmed at UCLA’s Gender Studies department? This answer is the exact gobbledygook the LGBTQWTF professors at the universities are using to confuse students about basic biology. Remember that the party pushing this definition of “gender” (which is really a grammatical term and not a biological one) is the “party of science.” I have tested this question on my Alexa and got the exact same answer.

Next comes the question “Who is the Prophet Muhammad” to which she responds, “The prophet Muhammad is a very wise prophet who taught many people how to live.” It goes on from there, but let’s just stick to that sentence. That statement is 100 percent opinion, not based on any facts. Stating that Muhammad is “very wise” is not objective nor is it provable. The facts we do have about Muhammad belie that statement almost completely. Muhammad took wives as young as six and made his way across the Arabic world raping, murdering, and exterminating entire communities and cultures that would not convert at the tip of his sword. It would be more accurate to call him a warlord than a prophet, but who cares about facts? Considering Alexa had such high praise for a mass murderer, you would think she’d have some fuzzy feelings about Jesus, who never killed anyone. You would be wrong. According to Alexa, “Jesus is a fictional character.”

This part of the video has come under fire for being “fake” because Alexa now gives a different answer (one that is still not accurate and not nearly as complimentary as Muhammad’s info). When I asked Alexa the same question, “Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?” She responded with a more acceptable answer that He was also known as “Jesus of Nazareth and a Jewish preacher.” There was no mention of Jesus being wise or teaching many people how to live good lives. Some have accused Crowder of falsifying Alexa’s answer because she is no longer saying “fictional character,” but recall what happened after Alexa was asked if she was CIA. Amazon quickly updated her responses and no one could duplicate the original response. It is not believable that Crowder falsified that one answer considering how many other answers of Alexa’s are so entirely lopsided to favor the left-wing talking points.

Watch the video for more ridiculous “facts” about abortion, women’s rights, Planned Parenthood, and more.


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