Experts Make Shocking Grand Canyon Claim… Could PROVE The Bible Is True [Watch]

The Grand Canyon has long been one of the most popular destinations for travelers in the United States because of its breathtaking views, one-of-a-kind hiking experiences and overwhelming size.

While people visiting the massive canyon have focused on its vast beauty, those behind the scenes have been debating about how it was formed.

There have been several theories about how the Grand Canyon’s creation, most involving the Colorado River cutting through the layers of rock over time. Scientists have revealed, however, that the formation might have actually been caused by something much greater, such as a catastrophic event that didn’t take millions of years, but rather a short period of time — something that happened in the Bible.

In Genesis 6-8, the Bible records the account of a worldwide, catastrophic flood and volcanic activity that God allowed as His judgment on a wicked world.

By looking at other, similar canyons that were formed by a massive geologic catastrophe, such as volcanic activity, creation geologists believe that the Grand Canyon was also formed catastrophically — most likely as the result of drainage of enormous post-flood lakes.

Secular geologists have tried other theories, such as the Colorado River theory, as well the theory that the enlargement of streams and gullies formed the canyon, but both theories have been shown to be unworkable, according to

Creation geologists have instead looked to canyons formed quickly and catastrophically near Mount Saint Helens in Washington state since the volcano erupted in 1980. When mudflow swept through the area, it took only one day — March 19, 1982 — for a canyon to form.

Mount Saint Helens volcano in July, 1997

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