Ben Carson Makes Major Announcement That Floors Nation: “We’re Going To…”

The world-renowned brain surgeon Ben Carson who usually saves lives turns out to be a politician who is making political decisions that will affect the lives of people. Ben Carson is said to be the strongest member of Donald Trump’s team.  Americans admire his character and intelligence.

As new Secretary of the US Housing and Urban Development Department, he is said to be doing a great job as he found the welfare rule that is been around for 50 years. The welfare rule will help low-income Americans. The rule will let them work in HUB builders in their community, this means HUB contractors are mandated to hire low-income workers, in this way they can help those individuals.

“It’s not how many people we can get into public housing, It’s how many people we can get out of it. We’re going to put much more emphasis on Section 3, which requires HUD builders to use low-income residents as employees during the construction of these various developments and in the redevelopment of places,” Carson said.

Carson believes that this long-forgotten and ignored rule will eventually provide great assistance to the people.

“It’s largely ignored right now. We’re going to change that by emphasizing it in a different way and incentivizing people to use it. Most major construction and reconstruction projects are known about well more than a year in advance,’ Carson said. ‘If you know that already, why not prepare the people, begin to train the people, ahead of time — so that when you’re ready to do it, you have the workforce that’s necessary?’ Carson continued.

By his initiative, it is evident that Ben Carson will help President Trump administration to make the America great again.

After this announcement, American people respond to it positively.  Here are some of the response from the people:

“I think this man is fantastic! we as a nation need may more like him! He has intelligence, integrity empathy, hard worker and isn’t politically correct, a real treasure! way to go Dr. Carson.”

“I think this is a good plan. Giving them a job and a reason to help rebuild their community. Also training them ahead in one of the areas of construction can give them skills they can use to get a job.”

Article Source: American Conservative Herald Photo Credit: Floridapolitics

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