Humiliated, Now She Tests The Mirror Every Time She Uses A Public Bathroom

Humiliated, Now She Tests The Mirror Every Time She Uses A Public Bathroom

After what happened, her life will never be the same. Hear her warning about how to avoid being exposed like she was…

Technology is improving our lives in countless ways, though it also presents new problems.

Hackers are a problem. They can steal credit card, banking, and personal information.

Even more creepy are those who try to film us while we are exposed, like in a public bathroom or dressing room.

Consider the experience of this woman who was trying to enjoy a vacation on a cruise ship.

AWN reports:

Just recently, a woman found a tiny recording device in her ship cabin that was recording her for days.  She had no idea she was being recorded the whole time.

One trick that involves the refraction of light is the infamous two way mirror.  These mirrors will look like a normal mirror from a typical standing distance, but there is a slight trick that comes with them which is that if you are on the other side of the mirror, or if there is a video camera there, they can see you through the one way glass.

Knowing if you are at risk of being watched through a one way mirror is something that is crucial to know so that you will never find yourself in an unwanted situation.  People have found these mirrors in dressing rooms, club bathrooms, and concert halls.

If you live in any of the following 13 states, then you lucked out because hidden surveillance in dressing rooms which includes two way mirrors is illegal in the following states:  Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah.

If you are not in any of the following states, then you will want to know the names of some of these popular stores that have voluntarily chosen to forbid hidden cameras and one way mirrors from their dressing rooms: Charlotte Russe, Dillars, Express, Gap, JC Penny, Macy’s, Old Navy, and Victoria’s Secret.

If you do not live in any of those states and are not shopping at any of those stores or you are in a different setting like a club bathroom, there are some ways to check yourself for one way mirrors and surveillance. One telltale way to spot a sneaky mirror is by examining how it is mounted to the wall.  If it is hanging from the wall then you are most likely fine, but if it is mounted flush with the wall with no edges, there is a high chance of there being something hidden behind it.  If you cannot tell by looking at it, try tapping on it.  If the tap sounds hollow, there might be some type of gap on the other side which could hold a piece of hidden recording equipment.

Below are a few more techniques that may help you:

Video caption: Have you ever been in a bathroom, dressing room or another private area with a mirror and had that feeling that someone is watching you? You can check to see if a mirror is transparent by observing how it is installed and using a few simple techniques to determine if there’s a wall behind it. You may have heard about the fingernail test but there are more accurate ways to tell if a mirror is two-way or not.


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