Woman Comes UNHINGED At Mall Santa…. For Not “Being Real”

Caution language… and LOUD volume.

Some people have a harder time than others when they come to the realization that Santa Claus really doesn’t live in the North Pole with hundreds of little people making toys year round. It’s just that most of us are still accidentally pissing the bed at night every now and then because we’re still in elementary school when we hear the news.

Well, according to HuffPost, it turns out that the devastating news finally hit home for one Toronto adult female shopper last weekend, as she went all “scorched earth, motherfucker” on some poor mall Santa just trying to make a few bucks during the holiday season.

“Do you have a sleigh? You fucking dickhead,” the batshit crazy woman yelled. “Do you have a sleigh? You’re not magic; you’re not even real! I heard about it when I was a young kid! You’re not real, man.”

Harsh words for the fat man if you ask me, but he was able to take it like a champ and simply walk away from the Gary Busey of Toronto. We know that because the entire episode was captured on video. Enjoy.

Great stuff, right there. You have to love how the clincher for the woman’s conclusion that Santa isn’t real is the fact that he doesn’t have a “fucking sleigh” in the mall with him.

Mall security apparently caught up with the woman, and they said she ” left without incident.” Well, other than the f-bombs she threw at some poor bastard who’s probably been sweating his balls off in that suit every day since Thanksgiving while pulling down less than 15 bucks an hour.



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