‘Mad White Man’ delivers brutal honesty on the disease that is race pimp Little Al Sharpton



Allow me to wax brutally honest: Al Sharpton is the most vile and treacherous viper that has ever slithered across the political landscape. He is an interminable windbag who has destroyed countless lives with his hyper-distortions, lethal lies and racial demagoguery.

Yes, I am a mad white man whose fed up with scumbags like Sharpton who not only engage in the most dangerous forms of mendacity–but also display a rabid and intense hatred of white men.

That’s right: Hatred of white men.

Sharpton’s most infamous endeavors (think Tawana Brawley and Freddy’s) resulted in the deaths of eight innocent people. And the modus operandi in both cases (as usual) was to demonize white men as racist animals and miscreants.

In the Brawley rape case, a falsely accused white cop committed suicide–while in the case of Freddy’s, seven minorities were murdered due to Sharpton’s violent demonstrations against a white merchant in Harlem, New York. (Sharpton was of the belief that a white man had no right to own a business in a black community.)

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Diary of a Mad White Man

By Pete Parker, Clash Daily

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