Angry Dad Beats 9yr Old Daughter As Punishment For Believing In Santa Claus

Louis Morgan, 39, from Kenosha County, Wisconsin is facing child abuse charges after allegedly beating his 9yr old daughter for stealing a candy cane off their Christmas tree.

According to the authorities, Morgan punished his own daughter after finding out that the 9yr old took 1 candy cane from their home to mail it to Santa Claus along with her wishlist. The 39yr old lashed out at his daughter for not following orders to “not get candy canes from the tree”. The innocent girl then admitted to getting the famous Christmas candy from its box thinking it was okay as long as it didn’t come off the tree.

The 9yr old then sought help from her teacher at Curtis Strange Elementary School, telling her she was “whooped” repeatedly with a belt. Authorities responded quickly and paid visit to the girl’s school as soon as her teacher asked for assistance.

During the questioning, Morgan told authorities that he got upset with his daughter when he found out she was writing letters to Santa because his efforts to earn money and give their children what they want for Christmas is not being recognized and that a “fantasy guy named Santa” was taking all the credits.

“I told (her) that there was no Santa Claus and he wasn’t the one bringing the gifts, that it was her mom and I busting our butts and shopping in the cold and saving money to give them the gifts they want, not some FANTASY and the sooner she learned that the better off she would be.” said Morgan on a written statement.

Morgan’s wife came to his defense saying the 9yr old had been getting stuff from other places and that the beating was a sort of punishment to teach her a lesson. The child was hit on her legs, arms, and other parts of her body with a full length belt.

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