Strzok and Andy McCabe Plotted To Keep Trump From Winning..This is a Real Game Changer

The FBI has finally released the messages between FBI investigator Peter Strzok and his mistress, also working for Mueller, Lisa Page, who no longer works for Mueller but still works at the FBI. One text is simply incredible because it talks about an insurance policy in case it looked like Trump would win and the FBI official who oversaw the Hillary emails is involved. You might remember that Andy McCabe’s wife ran for congress and received over $400,000 from the Clinton bagman, Terry McAuliffe, just before Hillary was exonerated.

Here is that text:

…in a text from August 15, 2016, Strzok tells Page: “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office” — an apparent reference to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe — “that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40 . . . . ” Page does not appear to have responded, according to records reviewed by CNN.

Remember that Strzok led the investigation for McCabe and he was the one who changed the wording of Comey’s memo in order to allow the FBI not to recommend charges against Hillary. He is also the one leading the fake Trump/Russia collusion investigation. Both Huma Abedin and Chryl Mills blatantly lied about not knowing Hillary used a private server. Leaked emails prove those two lied through their teeth. Strzok also questioned Michael Flynn about a very legal meeting he had with the Russian ambassador. Flynn lied about the content even though it was perfectly legal, but he was charged with lying to the FBI.

From The Blaze


What was the reaction?

Wall Street columnist Kimberley Strassel noted that the media was focusing on other texts and ignoring that one.

Press is focusing (deliberately) on Strzok texts expressing hostility to Trump, and noting it is OK for agents to have political opinions. Press needs to to focus on the messages suggesting he’d act on that hostility (“insurance policy”)–which is not OK.

 David Harsanyi of the Federalist asked what was meant by the “insurance policy.”

I know the FBI is now sacred and we can’t question anyone’s judgement there, but has anyone explained what Strzok meant by “insurance policy?”

“It’s on thing to have opinions about re: politicians — certainly it shouldn’t disqualify anyone,” he added. “But it’s another thing to talk about using an insurance policy to get your way. sounds like abuse.”
It sure is and this is a real game changer that could go badly for a lot of liberals.

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