Two Police Officers Shot In The Chest After Responding To Call In St. Louis

It seems like every day we are hearing about another attack on our law enforcement officers in some part of the country. The country is more divided than ever and thanks to the dangerous rhetoric liberals spew out on a daily basis, more people are suffering the consequences. Police have always understood their job comes with many different risks but now they can’t even feel safe walking outside in a uniform.

St. Louis is the latest city to see their officers attacked. Early Thursday morning reports started streaming in.

Two police officers were shot Thursday at around 7:30 am in north St. Louis County. They were hit in the chest. Their bulletproof vest may have saved their lives.  The officers are conscious and speaking.

The incident occurred in Bellefontaine Neighbors at the intersection of Chambers and Bellefontaine roads.  One suspect is barricaded in a home in the 10100 block of Bellefontaine.  He may be armed with an AR-15 rifle.  Police appear to be negotiating with him.

Police were responding to the home after reports of shots fired in  Bellefontaine Neighbors Wednesday night. The details in that police call are not known at this point. But, a man who lives at the home was identified as a person of interest in the report of gunfire.

Officers got into an altercation with the man at the home. They say he pulled out a handgun and shot both of the officers in their chests. Police returned fire and it isn’t known if the suspect was injured in the shooting.

A staging area for first responders and media is set up at a church located a quarter of a mile away.  There is a heavy police presence at Chambers and Bellefontaine. Traffic is closed to the neighborhoods surrounding the standoff. Many people saw officers from many police departments rush to the scene on I-70 during their commute. 

Initial reports stated that the suspect was armed with a rifle. Investigators say the suspect is well known to police. They say the suspect may own an AR-15 rifle.

Reports indicate that both of the the officer’s injuries are minor. They were taken to the hospital to be checked out.

More details will be posted as this story develops. 

How much longer will we allow this to happen to those who are meant to protect us? Keep these officers in your prayers.

H/T Fox2Now

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