Justice at Last: Oklahoma Muslim Who Beheaded Co-Worker Gets Very Bad News

Alton Nolen was fired from his job at a food plant and in revenge, he returned to the plant and he beheaded a former co-worker, Colleen Hufford and critically stabbed Tracy Johnson. Nolen was shot at the scene and apprehended. At his trial, Nolen claimed Muslim privilege and on his understanding of the Koran, which says those who kill or die for Allah spend eternity in Paradise. His lawyers claim he was just nuts. But since all Muslim terrorists are nuts, the defense doesn’t hold up well. Nolen is said to have been intrigued with beheadings.

From Jihad Watch

“His readings of the Quran affected his ability to discern right from wrong”? How Islamophobic of his defense team! But in reality, they’re absolutely right: the Qur’an does affect one’s ability to discern right from wrong, because it calls evil good and good evil in numerous particulars. Nolen got caught on one of them: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (47:4). He believed, and still believes, that he was doing something good and even noble. The Qur’an affected, and still affects, his ability to discern right from wrong.

“BREAKING: Muslim Man Who Beheaded Woman At Food Plant Just Received Harsh American Justice,” by Benny Johnson, Daily Caller, December 15, 2017 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

On Sept. 24, 2014, ISIS inspired Islamic convert Alton Nolen entered a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma. He took out a butcher knife and beheaded Colleen Hufford and critically stabbed Tracy Johnson. Both were employees at the factory. Nolen, who had been recently suspended from the plant, was a practicing Muslim who was obsessed with gruesome Islamic State beheading videos going viral at the time.

Nolen was shot and apprehended after his rampage.

The jury came in with their recommendation and the judge promptly accepted it. Nolen was given the death penalty, which is what he wants anyway. Make it happen.


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