Woman on a Chain Migration Visa Defrauds Bank, Sends Money to ISIS

In the third instance in the past couple of weeks a chain migration visa holder has committed an act to aid the terrorists. She defrauded a bank out of a $22,500 loan and then sent $62,000 to ISIS. She was caught at the airport as she tried to flee the country. Zoobia Shahnaz, a 27-year-old chain migrant from Pakistan, was arrested at JFK Airport (The former Idlewild Airport for you Goodfella fans) as she was about to board a flight to escape prosecution. President Trump made the argument some time back that the United States needs to do away with chain migration as well as the diversity lottery, which has also 2 terrorists in the past few weeks. (One person was a chain migrant for someone who won the diversity lottery)

According to the Department of Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Houton, Shahnaz had become a naturalized US citizen despite her affection for ISIS during the Obama administration. Obama had an affinity for bringing people who hates America as much as he does into the country.

Separately, Zoobia Shahnaz, who has been charged with laundering bitcoins to support ISIS, is a naturalized U.S. citizen who came to the United States from Pakistan on an F43 visa. The F43 visa is available to the children of F41 visa holders who were sponsored by other family members that obtained citizenship.

From Breitbart

As Houlton explained, Shahnaz was able to enter the U.S. from Pakistan as the niece of one of her aunts or uncles who had already been naturalized in the U.S. prior to her arrival.

President Trump has most recently started a public campaign to permanently end chain migration, which makes up more than 70 percent of the entire U.S. legal immigration system.

This huge chain migration inflow in the last decade outpaces two years of American births, which amount to roughly four million babies every year, Breitbart News reported.

Even after discounting normal immigration, the number of chain migration arrivals at the nation’s airports during five years exceeds the number of babies born during each year. In percentage terms, foreigners deliver one in five, or 20 percent, of all new arrivals at the nation’s airports or maternity wards every year.

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