Off-Duty Cop Perfectly Executes The ‘WAIT UNTIL HE TURNS HIS BACK’ Technique On Robber

Off-Duty Cop Perfectly Executes The 'WAIT UNTIL HE TURNS HIS BACK' Technique On Robber

This cop feigns compliance until the perfect moment and when he acts, he acts fast!

This off-duty cop demonstrates textbook technique in lulling an armed robber into a false sense of security. The robber approaches him and starts ordering him around the store. You will see the cop, whose weapon is concealed, feign compliance and do exactly as he is told. The robber starts moving the man through the displays and makes the mistake of turning his attention away. The cop acts quickly, and clearly has trained for such a moment. Notice how smoothly and quickly he draws on the guy and places shots on target.

The criminal is understandably stunned as the cop “sold” his compliance well.

Hey, Mr. Criminal, don’t turn your back too early next time, or this could happen again! Something tells me that this particular robber will never make that mistake again.

Watch for yourself, below:

This cop’s moves are similar to the ole “dropped wallet technique,” demonstrated by this armed citizen. In this case, the thief demanded his money, so they guy pretended to be scared then dropped his wallet on the ground. When the distracted thief bent over to pick up the wallet, things got crazy. Watch below:

We see this type of technique play out time and time again. It is imperative that a person wait until the right time before acting. If a weapon is pulled to early, the robber has time to attack. If he is in a state of false security, the chances of success are much greater. Watch what this man did:

Armed Customer Fakes Weakness Before Firing Ninja-fast Shot On Robber [VIDEO]

Knowing when and how to act is perhaps one of the most important elements of a situation such as these. We are glad to see these guys pull it off so effectively!

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