KARMA: Antifa Thug Protests In Middle Of Road; Gets Flattened Like A Pancake [VIDEO]

There is little sympathy for ANTIFA and the idiots who support them. An unnamed ANTIFA loser ended up shattering his hip over the weekend in downtown Portland, Oregon, when he ran out into the middle of the street like an idiot and got slammed into. ANTIFA decided to crash a peaceful “March for Jesus” event which was organized by Patriot Prayer, a pro-Trump group.

According to The Patriotic Express:

The early part of 2017 was filled with street protests and traffic blockades. Winter usually takes the wind out of protesters’ s sails, but 2017 is special and ANTIFA protesters showed up and braved the Oregon winter to protest “A March for Jesus”. Only a few protesters showed up, but the event ended quickly with a hapless protester running into the path of a speeding pickup truck.

 Because of the dramatic ending, it is news. The Portland “March for Jesus” wasn’t much of a march, either. Yet the handful of diehards with their signs and bullhorns still faced off and traded verbal jabs.

“The protester who was eventually hit by the vehicle is seen referring to a Christian flag with a cross on it as a ‘white supremacist symbol’,” The Daily Caller writes.

The accident appears to have been just that. There were not enough protestors for a functional roadblock, so traffic in the area only faced minor impairments.

That didn’t stop the few stalwart protestors from jaywalking and running from one side of the road to the other.

A pickup truck in the right lane was moving rapidly past the protestors. The driver couldn’t see the protestor who ran into his lane from in front of a car that did manage to stop.

The impact sent the protestor flying. The impact also broke the protestor’s hip.


It really isn’t shocking that he was hit by a car. After all, anyone who has no regard for his own life is bound to wind up in a bad position. What kind of a person runs out in front of cars. Fortunately, the action was caught on camera and we were able to witness the incredibly stupid decision that was made. Maybe next time he will think twice before running out in the middle of the road.

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