Three Women Rape Drunk Man With Scissors, Then Post Video On Facebook

Three women were placed behind bars after being accused of raping and abusing a football star, according to police in the United Kingdom.


Cumbria police said that they have arrested 26-year-old Brogan Gillard, 22-year-old Paige Cunningham, and 20-year-old Shannon Jones, after being accused of plying a 19-year-old man with alcohol and having sex with him against his will.

All three women were found guilty of sexual assault by penetration and causing actual bodily harm. Gillard has been sentenced to serve 31 months in prison and Cunningham was ordered to serve 10 months in prison.


Jones will be sentenced at a later date. The women were also ordered to register on the sex offenders list.


According to the criminal complaint, the three women met the victim for the first time on the street before luring him back to one of their homes.

They gave him a lot of vodka until he passed out and then sexually assaulted him. The three women recorded themselves dancing next to the victim and raping him.

The video shows the 19-year-old victim lying on the ground while Gillard cut his hair. She then cut onions over him. Gillard then grabbed a pair of scissors and penetrated the victims bum.

The women uploaded images and video of the assault on social media sites, where they went viral.


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