Italian Actress Has to Suspend Oral Sex Tour After Dog Bites Her Lip

Paola Saulino, 28 vowed to give every man who voted against on an Italian referendum in 2016 a blow job. Unlike Madonna, she is a woman of her word and she spent part of 2017 paying off on her promise. She says she has given over 400 blow jobs so far and as soon as her lip fully heals, she plans to continue with her quest. She was petting a friends dog, when he jumped up and bit her lip and nose.

Saulino said:

 ‘Pompa Tour is still going. I mean Pompa Tour actually is my life-style. It’s my way to be free. (Pompa in English means oral)

‘The doctor suggested me to not do big movements with my mouth for several months. 

‘Reducing physical activity of my face helps it heal better, to cure the scar on the inside.’

Her schedule:

Paola Saulino, 27, said she completed the first date of her tour after promised to perform a sex act on everyone who voted no in Italy's referendum

That schedule is put on hold as doctors say it could take up to 9 months for her injuries to heal. Saulino promises to pick up where she left off before the injury. She has also said she wants to add a stop in Great Britain.

From The Daily Mail

Paola Saulino burst onto the scene in 2016, saying she was a ‘woman of [her] word’ after announcing tour dates in 10 Italian cities in December.

She posted a photograph of herself on Instagram along with the caption: ‘First step of Pompa Tour is gone. A little bit tired, but everything is okay.’  

The actress and glamour model added at the time: ‘This year is started in a best way as possible.’  

Saulino, whose Instagram page features a number of suggestive shots, had flown from her home in Los Angeles to begin the first leg of her Pompa Tour.  

She initially made the promise to perform a sex act on everyone who voted no in Italy’s referendum on November 23, before announcing tour dates in December. 

Some have said that Saulino is a fake and that she has not kept her promise, while others have defended her and said that sharing their photos of her was forbidden. Who knows whether she is telling the truth other than possibly 400 Italian men.



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