Newly Released Vegas Shooting Photos Baffle Investigators

quite a few of the comments point out some interesting points. For example, “Why would a shooter have multiple weapons?” “Didn’t earlier reports say that the laptops hard drive was removed and now suddenly they have the contents?” Theres alot to this that does not make sense.

The tribunists writes

Stephen Paddock left a trail of death, destruction, and, more importantly, questions as to why he would commit such an atrocity. These questions may not be getting answered as of now, but those leading the investigation of the shooting that left 58 dead and an estimated 1,000 people injured released never-before-seen photos of the inside of Paddock’s high-rise hotel room.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo released a preliminary report to the public that showed hundreds of bullet casings in Paddock’s Las Vegas hotel. The images released showed 23 recovered guns littered throughout the hotel room.

Twelve of those rifles had “bump stock” devices that made it easier for Paddock to fire in rapid succession. The already leaked image of the 64-year-old gunman’s body lying lifeless on the floor from a self-inflicted gunshot wound was also included in the report.

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Paddock’s sniper nest from which he rained down bullets upon innocent people at the Route 91 music festival also showed the windows he fired from.

Photos show that Paddock had a smaller conjoining room that he used as a second vantage point.

That room had five to six guns laying on the two beds, which were all within Paddock’s reach. Sheriff Lombardo also indicated in his report that Paddock fired an estimated 1,100 bullets.

During the investigation, law enforcement found recent search history on Paddock’s computer that showed he looked up what a SWAT team response would entail. Child pornography was also found on his devices, according to the Daily Mail.

Paddock had set up…

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