Gangster Rapper Who Joined ISIS and Produced The Brutal Execution Videos Was Just Blown To Bits

Rapper Denis Cuspert, who joined ISIS and is responsible for shooting some of the groups most violent execution videos, has been killed in a U.S. airstrike in Syria on Wednesday. A picture of his bloody corpse, wearing a blue tracksuit, was posted on a messaging app commonly used to show dead ISIS soldiers.

Cuspert was thought to have been dead three years earlier, but that was eventually proven to be false, according to the Daily Mail.

Cuspert, a German rapper who went by the name “Deso Dogg,” left his home in 2014 and became one of the terrorist organization’s mouthpieces producing numerous execution videos of British hostages.

The former rapper was dubbed the “Goebbels of ISIS” and at one point was ISIS’s top recruiter preying on younger men who were loners or outcast, Fox News reported.

He received the nickname when many compared him to Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi propagandist who was considered a genius when it came to selling their ideology.

“There was this whole subculture that these guys were buying into: a macho world of clandestine behavior beyond social norms,” Shiraz Maher, a director for a study looking at radicalization, told The Guardian.

A lot of the appeal to these people was based on masculinity and bravado rather than something ideological or religious,” he further explained.

Cuspert reportedly joined ISIS in 2012 and pledged his loyalty to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after 9/11.

In 2014, Cuspert married FBI translator Daniela Greene. She eventually served two years in prison after she informed Cuspert that he was under investigation..

In 2015, Pentagon officials announced his death, but videos of beheadings showed Cuspert was still alive and well.

Cuspert wasn’t always a part of the organization. Before he joined ISIS, he toured with the world with American rapper DMX.

ISIS continues to get pushed back further and further from major cities. After losing Iraq and Syria, the terrorist organization struggles to hold smaller villages located on the outskirts of major cities they once ran with an iron fist. Cuspert’s death is another small victory against the group.

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