‘Kill Whitey’: The Skeletons Obama’s Portrait Artist Can No Longer Hide In the Closet

Obama’s portrait has been revealed and the choice of artist, Kehinde Wiley, proves what his true nature really is.

Kehinde Wiley is the artist commissioned for the Obama’s official portraits and a quick briefing in his background shows that Michelle and Barack have no problem supporting true racism and anti-American views. Kehinde is a well know racist who portrays black woman holding the decapitated heads of white women and is also very vocal about gay rights. To further add insult Kehinde Wiley is known for outsourcing his work to cheap Chinese labor and it appears he may have done that with Obama’s portrait as well. That’s what you get I suppose m, it’s called karma.

Via Allen B West:

The artist who supposedly created the former president’s image is one Kehinde Wiley. He is best known for creating giant paintings of black women holding the decapitated heads of white girls. “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley said. He is also a radical gay activist and is known for pushing that issue into every painting by including small depictions of squiggly sperm cells in every painting.

But by some accounts, there is a growing suspicion that the artist didn’t even do the painting on his own but instead hired cheap Chinese labor to create the thing.

Some are questioning the leaves in the background, for instance. A close review of the portrait shows that large blocks of the leaves are exactly the same in section after section making critics wonder if the leaves are just digital clones, and not an actual painting.

Kehinde Wiley

Freehanded painting doesn’t produce replica images in pattern like succession so the background of this picture couldn’t possibly have been done by a single hand. It’s simple logic.

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