Alleged Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Student Makes Stunning Admission About the Students In The Lime Light

In a strange turn of events, a newly created Twitter account named Kali Clougherty and using the handle @kali4change posted the following message yesterday:

WE. ARE. NOT. CRISIS. ACTORS. wow. just because most of the people in the media are a part of the drama program at MSD doesn’t mean we are paid actors. WE LIVED THROUGH THIS. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

How new, you might be asking? The account was created at 5:34 PM (Pacific) on February 18, 2018:

Shockingly enough, it already has 18.4K followers with only 45 tweets at the time of this article’s posting. Many of the tweets have received thousands, if not tens of thousands, of likes and retweets in this short amount of time.

Here’s an example of one of the FIRST messages sent out by @kali4change, less than a day after the account’s creation:

The profile description:

MSD ‘18. 18 years old. Future Broadway Actress. Current Student Activist. #NeverAgain #ParklandStrong #MSDStrong

It appears this person, through both tweets and retweets, is heavily supporting the anti-gun movement.

Here are a few retweets, which can be found on the account’s timeline:

Many users online, in both the alternative-media and on forums or other social websites, have been suspicious of the students who’ve appeared relentlessly on cable TV, giving interviews and focusing their attention on not the victims of the Parkland, FL shooting, but on increased gun control:

Are these users right to be suspicious?

In addition to the irregularities surrounding pupil David Hogg, this new account raises even more questions; especially since it admitted most of the students who have been interviewed by the MSM are actually involved in Stoneman Douglas High School’s drama program, which is listed on their website under Activities > Clubs and Activities.

The club itself is called ‘Int[ernational] Thespian Society’ and is sponsored by Melody Herzfeld:

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