Police officer disciplined for drawing penis on traffic ticket…

A man was forced to hire an investigator after he was pulled over by police and given a bogus ticket.

Ramon Rodriguez was visiting his grandmother in the Bronx, New York when he was pulled over by Officer Edgar Rivera.

Rodriguez recorded the traffic stop and demanded to know why he was being pulled over.

The officer informed Rodriguez that his tail light was broken. Rodriguez took video, proving that the light was not broken. The officer did not care and wrote Rodriguez a ticket.

To his surprise, the ticket had a drawing of a penis.

Rodriguez took offense and filed a complaint with the police. He soon discovered that the ticket was never filed in the police system.

Rodriguez hired private investigator Manuel Gomez who discovered that the officer from the 52nd Precinct did not write his own badge number on the ticket. Instead, he used the badge number that belonged to an NYPD transit officer.

Rodriguez said that he believes he was targeted for being Hispanic.

He has been pulled over 4 times in the span of a few months including the night before this incident while he was a passenger in his uncle’s vehicle.

That officer also accused the driver of driving with a broken tail light.

Authorities opened an investigation into the incident and found that officer Rivera acted wrongly against Rodriguez.

The officer was ordered to receive additional training by his commanders, which is the lowest form of disciplinary action.

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