She Went To Feed Her Baby And She Noticed Tiny Black Dots In Her Nose. Hear The Warning….

But now research is showing that they do a lot more harm than good.


This mother thought lighting a candle was non-harmful, she didn’t realize what is actually was doing to her baby.

Scented candles serve many purposes. Perhaps you love to light one when you’re taking a relaxing bath. Or when you want to have an intimate moment with your lover. Candles can set the mood unlike anything else.

But now research is showing that they do a lot more harm than good.


Learn the reality about scented candles below!



Professor Alastair Lewis from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of York has proven that the common ingredient used to give candles their decadent scent actually transforms into the poisonous gas formaldehyde when burned.

Limonene is used in scented candles to provide a citrus-like aroma. Don’t be fooled. Lemon scented candles usually use this chemical and not natural ingredients.

When unaltered, limonene is safe. It’s used to flavor foods and give cleaning supplies a lemon scent. But when limonene molecules react to the ozone when released into the air one in two mutate into toxic formaldehyde.

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