While Everyone Has Been Focused On The Parkland Shooting This Is What You Missed In Las Vegas

It has been months since the Las Vegas shooting and we are no closer to knowing what happened that day then when the tragic event occurred. The mainstream media did their best to cover up the horrific crime, but that has not stopped many Americans and the victims from continuing to push for answers, and now we all may finally get some.

While the country has been focused on the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida almost two weeks ago, attorneys in Las Vegas have filed a lawsuit that no one can ignore.

Here is more from Fox News:

Attorneys who filed one of the first lawsuits after the Oct. 1 mass shooting that killed 58 concert-goers and left hundreds injured on the Las Vegas Strip filed four new negligence cases Monday on behalf of more than 450 victims.

This time, however, Houston-based lawyers Chad Pinkerton and Mo Aziz filed the cases in Los Angeles against companies including MGM Resorts International, the corporate owner of both the Mandalay Bay resort and the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert venue.

Pinkerton said the intent was to get the cases before a jury less likely to be influenced by the size and clout of a casino company that is both an active political contributor in Nevada and the largest employer in the state.

“Los Angeles is a better venue for fairness for our clients,” Pinkerton said in a telephone interview ahead of a news conference announcing the filing of two wrongful death lawsuits, a third case stemming from a woman’s head wound and a fourth on behalf of 450 people claiming injuries in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

“There would be certain advantages for MGM to defend its case in Nevada,” Pinkerton said, adding that a jury in MGM Resorts’ hometown might include people with direct or indirect ties to the company and its more than 70,000 employees.

The company has said through representatives it won’t litigate shooting lawsuits in the media. In statements, it has blamed the massacre on the gunman, Stephen Paddock.

Defendants in the new lawsuits also include Live Nation Entertainment, the concert promoter. In a statement, the Beverly Hills, California-based company expressed sorrow for “countless people forever impacted by this senseless act of violence” and said it was cooperating with an active FBI investigation. It declined to comment about the lawsuits.

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