Morgue Worker Accused Of Having Sex With Corpse Of Reality TV Star

A morgue worker in Russia has been accused of having sex with the corpse of Oksana Aplekaeva, a reality television star murdered in 2008.

In 2005, Aplekaeva was a contestant on Dom-2, Russia’s version of Big Brother.

On Sept. 1, 2008, the 31-year-old was found strangled to death on the side of the road. Her murder remains unsolved almost a decade later.

Reported by DreaminDemon:

For reasons I cannot find, but possibly because of advances made in DNA technology, police exhumed her body to gather more evidence.

The evidence they gathered revealed Aplekaeva had been raped after her death and that the DNA matched a 37-year-old man who worked at the morgue where her body had been prepared.

The man, identified only as Alexander, isn’t denying what he did, stating he confessed to it during an interview while also stating he “could not argue against science.”

One of the biggest reasons why Alexander probably didn’t have any major concerns about smashing a dead reality star is because Russia doesn’t have any laws against necrophilia.

So for those of you into that kind of thing, you now know a place where you can practice your kink.

But that’s not to say Alexander isn’t dealing with any negative consequences for his actions. He whined to reporters that he lost his job at the morgue, where he had worked without incident for 12 years, and he has been unable to find another.

Oh, and his wife left him and will not answer his phone calls.

Police say that while Alexander may have had sex with Aplekaeva’s corpse, he is not a suspect in her murder.

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