School Children Shelter In Place As Police ‘block gunmen in building’ In Gun Controlled European Capital (WATCH LIVE)

Armed police and a helicopter have been deployed to a house in Brussels. At least one armed man is believed to be inside, according to local media.

The incident is taking place near a primary school in the municipality of Forest, on Rue Jean-Baptiste Vanpe. The school is attended by approximately 350 pupils, and the children have been taken inside as a safety precaution. The mayor of Forest, Marc-Jean Ghyssels, has also confirmed the police operation, citing “suspicion of the presence of an armed man,” RTBF reported.

A security perimeter has been established, with a witness telling RTL Info that police have ordered residents of the neighborhood to stay inside their homes.

Heavily armed police ‘snipers’ on top of the roofs in response to multiple gunmen inside a building in Brussels.

Witnesses told RTBF that armed police and snipers are at the scene. Police helicopters are also flying above the area.

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