When A Classmate Needed Help These High School Students Turned To God And Received Miracle

A high school student in Arkansas found himself in the hospital with a sudden life-threatening illness that had his family rushing him to the hospital. As his condition quickly deteriorated, friends from his high school gathered together to organize a prayer rally for their friend fighting for his life, and the results were amazing!


Here is more from Arkansas Matters:

An England High School freshman is in critical condition at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. 

The family says about a week ago he came down with a fever and continued in a downward spiral. 

Now the community is turning to their faith asking for a miracle. 

More than 100 heads were turned down Monday as prayers were lifted up in England. The small town is about 30 miles southeast of Little Rock 

“That’s what England is. It’s all about family and coming together when one’s needing it,” Jennifer Ramsey, Izac Bellott’s aunt said. 

High school students and staff voluntarily circled up in the gym, fighting for their friend through faith. 

“We were just devastated to hear the news of him becoming so sick for something so simple,” Junior Bailey Webb, a family friend said.   

According to his family, 15-year-old Izac Bellott suffered from an infection last week that moved through his blood and attacked his organs. 

 “He’s a very sweet, Godly, kindest person you will ever meet in your life,” Webb said.  

He was transferred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital over the weekend. 

“We’re already seeing God’s miracles work with Izac. He’s the one that’s in control right now,” Ramsey said during the prayer rally at the high school. 

Izac’s aunt and uncle were both in attendance at Monday’s rally. 

“We’re all team Isac and want him to continue to improve,” Ramsey said.  

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