WATCH: Parkland Father Battles Liberal Host And DESTROYS The Media Narrative On Guns

The father of a Florida high school shooting victim destroyed the liberal media for exploiting the tragedy to push for gun control measures.

Andrew Pollack’s daughter, Meadow Pollack, was killed during the massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month.

During an interview Monday with MSNBC, Pollack slammed the liberal media for using the death of 17 students to promote their calls for eroding the Second Amendment.

MSNBC correspondent Chris Jansing asked Pollack to “talk a little bit about what is motivating your position on this, and have you talked to teachers there, and how do they feel about it?”

Pollack slammed Jansing for focusing on the lack of gun control regulations in the recently revealed Florida Senate bill.

“What you’re failing to mention is that it’s voluntary. This whole program for the school board is voluntary,” Pollack said.

Jansing avoided Pollack calling her out, and then segued back to the bill’s lack of gun restrictions not keeping schools safer.

“Well, part of the problem is the media,” Pollack fired back.

He added: “Like, before you got on, you started talking about the AR bill. And it takes away from the focus of what’s important to me, and I think a majority of Americans. They want to just know their kids are safe.”

Pollack was defending citizens right to bear arms to ensure they can fight back against an attacker.

“So every time the media starts talking about gun control, it takes away from our objective of making our schools safe, which is achievable right now if we come together,” Pollack continued. He said that if the media would stop saying “gun control” and instead said “school safety,” it would “be an easy task for us to get together and make it happen.”

Jansing said “many people”  — which essentially means Democrats — equate school safety with gun control, and banning assault rifles will result in fewer school shootings.

“Because that’s not going to solve the problem next week,” Pollack said, again slamming the media notion of gun control equates to less crime.

“Next week, I want my kids safe — if I had one that went to school, but I don’t,” he added.

Check out the full exchange below:

Pollack is correct that Democrats and the liberal media are doing everything they can to impose dictatorial actions that infringe on citizens Second Amendment rights.

The liberal media should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting this tragedy to promote their gun-grabbing agenda.



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