[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Released: Bail Bondsman Acquitted of Murder After Fatally Shooting Client

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An Oklahoma woman was acquitted of first-degree murder Friday in the fatal shooting of her client.

Bail agent Chasity Dawn Carey shot and killed 38-year-old Brandon James Williams while attempting to take him into custody last August.  The incident was caught on camera.  See video below.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Carey, 42, claimed she did so in self-defense. “I was afraid he was going to shoot my son,” Carey told the Payne County jury, according to The Oklahoman. “I felt like we were going to be killed. … I’ve never been that scared before.”

“Mom, you just shot him,” says her 19-year-old son right after the shot was fired according to the video.  “I did,” she says.

Carey initially told the police that there was a struggle for the gun she used in the shooting.  Upon viewing the video, investigators arrested her because it doesn’t appear as if there was a fight for the firearm.

However, in court, Carey’s defense attorney said that the tape doesn’t tell the whole story.

“What’s not on the video is your reasonable doubt,” said attorney Jarrod Stevenson.

“The video only showed half of the shooting,” Stevenson told reporters after the verdict. “It didn’t show what Mr. Williams was doing and I think that’s what the jury really focused on.”

Prosecutors tried to focus on the fact that Carey shot Williams, an accused burglar, in the back.

“It’s never OK to shoot…

VIA| TacticalShit


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