Police Responding To Active Shooter at Birmingham Hospital

ALABAMA — Police in Birmingham were responding to an active shooter at UAB Highlands Hospital Wednesday night.

The hospital is located at 1201 11th Ave South.

Birmingham police Lt. Williston confirmed the response the WIAT. The station reports at least two people are wounded and a suspect is ‘down.’

Check with WIAT. For more updates.

BREAKING: Shooting investigation at UAB Highlands hospital https://www.pscp.tv/w/bXm1VjFKUkVtWkdlQXZPUVB8MVJER2xkd0RrTE9HTHdD2yawOLLK6YbXXu55ZQFlZhOGsD0WyCpp07ebnMX2 


BREAKING: Shooting investigation at UAB Highlands hospital


UAB Hospital-Highlands is a campus of UAB Hospital. The general acute care facility is located on the southern perimeter of the UAB campus.

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