6 Time Felon Picks The Wrong Home To Burglarize And Pays The Price Dearly

A teenaged boy in South Carolina was home alone in the afternoon and faced with the situation every parent dreads when he heard someone trying to break into the family’s home.

Instead of merely calling 911 and waiting to become a victim, the unnamed teen took prompt action to defend himself and lived to tell the police what happened and to see justice done.

 The 13-year-old went for the handgun, reportedly a Glock, the mother keeps in the home for protection, went to the kitchen and fired three shots at the figure he saw at the back door.

The burglar, a six-time convicted felon, 31-year-old Lamar Anthwan Brown, returned fire before withdrawing to the getaway car where his accomplice was waiting.

Brown died at a nearby hospital as a result of being hit by three of the teenager’s shots; the getaway driver, 28-year-old Ira Bennett, fled but has been charged with first-degree burglary and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime after turning himself in a short time later. Bennett is also a convicted felon.

It turns out the quick-thinking teen was facing a criminal who would have had no qualms about pulling the trigger.

Brown’s six convictions include disorderly conduct and trespassing, assault with intent to kill, pointing a firearm at a person and third-degree burglary, possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Maj. Eric Watson, spokesman for Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said that no charges would be filed against the teenaged boy.

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