Brutal VIDEO Of How Mexican Cartel’s Deal in Revenge

Horrific footage of vigilantes severing the hands of seven suspected thieves has emerged.

The video, filmed in the Mexican state of Jalisco, shows two of the terrified men and one woman bound and gagged rolling around on the floor.

Police carrying guns attempt to help the injured group as they clutch plastic-covered stumps where their hands once were.

In the background a person can be heard saying: ‘An ambulance is coming, an ambulance is coming, you have to stay here.’

A police officer is also heard asking the men: ‘Where are you from?’ One of the alleged thieves then replies: ‘We haven’t eaten anything for four days.’

The man lying on the ground is asked why he was kidnapped, but he makes no reply.

One of the victims reportedly died before he could get medical treatment and the other six were in critical condition in hospital.

The footage was released as two men were arrested in connection with the crime.

Prosecutor Eduardo Almaguer Ramirez from Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, later confirmed that all of those attacked had criminal records for crimes including robbery and drug dealing.

Local media reported that the reason for the attack was ‘vigilante justice’, and the latest in a string of similar attacks on people accused of being involved in crime.

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