Report: President Trump Just Meet With The Man Who Knows All Facebook’s DIRTY Secrets

Elder Patriot – President Trump reportedly hosted Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel at dinner last night.  We say reportedly because there’s nothing in the mainstream U.S. media today about it.

This is the same media that was irate after Trump had slipped out of the back of Trump Tower to enjoy a private dinner with his family at “21” prior to his inauguration.  How dare he not tell us where he went, they whined.

Therefore, we can only guess that the conversation was over subjects that the mainstream media would rather avoid.

Joining Trump and Thiel was Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz.

Undoubtedly the conversation centered on the iron grip that certain large companies – Google, Facebook, and Amazon among them, exercise over the free and open exchange of political views on the Internet.

Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, has been a major player in funding a number of Silicon Valley start-ups.  He also currently holds a seat on Facebook’s board of directors and has been very open about his opposition to the internet censorship he is witnessing.

Thiel has witnessed Facebook’s censorship of conservative news sites from inside of the executive suite and he has been outspoken that he does not like the answers that he’s been given.

Safra-Catz is deep in negotiations with the Pentagon bidding against Amazon cloud services division for a multiyear, multibillion-dollar contract to handle our nation’s military secrets..

Trump, having gone through two years of hell at the hands of the vicious, out-of-control, media, that reported one conspiratorial lie after another against him, is right to question the sanity of giving Amazon the contract.

Amazon’s CEO is Jeff Bezos.  Bezos also owns the Washington Post, perhaps the most ardently anti-Trump newspaper in existence.

Bezos ownership of Amazon, America’s largest online retailer, also raises concerns.  Amazon operates in 16 countries that mean its interests may not always be in harmony with those of the United States.

What if President Xi were to make a sweetheart offer to Bezos for Amazon to become a major player China?

Partisanship, especially in the handling of highly classified information, is not a good idea.  Frankly, it defies logic how the Pentagon believes outsourcing the handling of classified information and housing it on Chinese computers makes even the slightest degree of sense regardless of the company that’s bidding for it.

Thankfully, President Trump recognizes the threat that these Internet giants pose to our freedoms.  That was the likely topic of conversation last night as they discussed ways to protect the free speech of Americans, our economic independence, as well as our national security, while still providing American business the latitude they need to grow.

And, that’s the likely reason you haven’t read or heard about any “leaks” coming from last night’s strategy session.

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