SEAN HANNITY Gets Last Laugh: Jimmy Kimmel is TRYING to be a Comedian, he’s in LAST PLACE…” (Video)

The feud between FOX News giant Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel continued on Friday.


As reported by GatewayPundit 

Sean opened up his show with a six-minute monologue on Kimmel’s long history of sexist and racist antics.

This comes after Kimmel mocked First Lady Melania Trump’s accent earlier this week.
Just two years ago liberal hacks would have NEVER attacked the First Lady. But today Liberals feel free to attack beautiful and intelligent Melania Trump and mock her accent on late night.

Sean Hannity ran through Jimmy Kimmel’s long history of abusive stunts with women.

And then Sean tossed in this kill shot:

“Jimmy Kimmel is TRYING to be a comedian, he’s in LAST PLACE on late night…”


Her’s the full video from Friday night’s show.

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