People Called them FREAKS, Look Who’s Laughing All the Way to the BANK

These people were made fun of all their life and now suddenly everyone wants to be their “friend”. Check out 30 of the worlds most fascinating people, and how they live with their mind-blowing gifts.

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Humans are seriously impressive creatures. Not only are we extremely intelligent beings, but our bodies have adapted over millennia into perfect survival organisms. However, sometimes mother nature produces rare examples eccentricity and uniqueness. Think of these guys like real life X-Men.

In this list, we’re checkout out 30 of the fascinating and truly unique people of the world, and how they live with their mind-blowing gifts. In addition, you may think their day-to-day lives are a struggle, but thanks to YouTube, these amazing individuals have been able to make literally thousands of dollars from showcasing their stories, abilities and “powers” online…

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30. Elisany da Cruz Silva – The Tallest Model Who Found Love

Standing at 6ft8″ tall, Brazilian model Elisany da Cruz Silva had always struggled to find a boyfriend, as no guys out there felt comfortable dating such a tall woman. However, Elisany finally found love with 5ft4″ tall Francinaldo, who certainly measured up! Not only do they prove true love has no bounds, but with a YouTube worth of $74,379, that love can also pays very well!

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29. Mikel Ruffinelli – The World’s Biggest Hips

“Curvy” is certainly one way to describe Mikel Ruffinelli, who has set the record for the world’s biggest hips – measuring a staggering EIGHT FEET AROUND! The mum-of-four from Los Angeles, insists she has no intention whatsoever to ever lose weight, and who could blame her when she’s earned $96,695 from YouTube (bare in mind she probably has to by two plane seats every time she flies).


28. Charlotte Garside – The World’s Smallest Girl

Young Charlotte Garside is 7-years-old, but weighs the same as a newborn baby, as just 9lbs! In the picture above, she is seen with her pet rabbit (who weighs more than her). Despite her size and disabilities, Charlotte does her best to attend a regular school and make friends. Charlotte’s family describe her as a very smart and loving girl, who gets all the attention and care she deserves. Her fascinating story has provided her with a YouTube worth of $30,870.Image: 0092041593, License: Rights managed, ***EXCLUSIVE*** SACRAMENTO, CA - FEBRUARY 05: Piyah poses for a photograph in with her cousin Lauren, 18, on February 5, 2011, in Sacramento, California. Piyah Martell has a condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome which means she was born with tiny legs and cannot walk on them. But it has not stopped her dream of becoming a star, and she films herself performing music videos, becoming a hit on You Tube and Myspace. Piyah was born as Pedro Martell but announced to her parents at the age of 15 that she wanted to transition to becoming a girl. She began buying women's outfits and wearing make-up and is now considering taking hormones and having a sex change operation. Piyah, who has a short spine and appears to have just half a body, had a hard life as a child, losing her birth mother at eight, being bullied at school, and seeing her step-mum go through treatment for terminal cancer. But Piyah, who has to walk on her hands, has coped with everything by retreating into her own world of music and performing. PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES AMBLER / BARCROFT USA UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 564 8159 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 114 653 2118 W Australasian & Pacific Rim Office, Melbourne. E T +613 9510 3188 or +613 9510 0688 W *** Local Caption ***, Place: United States, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line:, Barcroft Media

27. Piyah Martell – Transgender Teen Star With No Legs

Perhaps one of the most remarkable humans on Earth, Piyah Martell was born in California and knew from a young age she was a woman trapped in a man’s body. In addition, she was also born with a unique condition which has resulted in her legs never growing. Piyah, who sadly lost her mother at the age of eight, and then her stepmother afterwards, now showcases her singing talents on YouTube, earning herself a cool $25,186. She truly is a beacon of strength and inspiration!


26. David Matlock – Created The “Perfect” Wife

When plastic surgeon (and possible major douchebag), David Matlock met his future wife Veronica, he decided to use his skills and money to transform her into the “perfect” woman. He implemented a strict diet, harsh workout regime and performed body modifications. Both of them vow to continue maintaining their looks, and with a YouTube worth of $40,005, you can’t really blame them. Although, you can question their morals…


25. Winnie Harlow – Vitiligo

Canadian model Winnie Harlow has become known worldwide name – not just for her stunning good looks, but her championing of her skin condition, Vitiligo, which causes parts of her skin to be without pigmentation. What’s rare about Winnie’s case is how symmetrical her vitiligo is – which had made her a recognisable icon in the modelling world. Winnie proves beauty has no skin colour, and although her YouTube worth may be just $14,000, she is making millions in the modelling industry.

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24. Michele Koebke – Teeny Tiny Waist

“Thinsperation” icon, Michele Koebke, has managed to shrink her waist down from a small 64cm, to a ridiculously tiny 15 inches, by wearing a corset EVERY DAY for over THREE YEARS! The 24-year-old, from Berlin, Germany, says she wants to get down to a tiny 14 inch waist, like her idol and current world record holder, Cathie Jung. It sounds painful, but Michelle’s waist has already earned her $81,749 on YouTube.


23. Asha Mandela – The World’s Longest Dreadlocks

Asha Mandela’s 55ft dreadlocks are longer than aa city bus! Despite setting the world record, the 47-year-old has admitted she wants to go longer, despite the fact doctors have warned her she could end up PARALYSING herself due to the sheer weight and drag of the hair. Asha calls herself the black Rapunzel, and has her own line of hair products and accessories, along with a YouTube worth of $92,539.


22. Milagros Cerron – The Real Little Mermaid

This little girl is Milagros Cerron, one of the very few people in history to be born with – and survived –  sirenomelia, which is also known as mermaid syndrome. As well as causing the legs to be fused together, the condition also causes other health defects, such as only one partially working kidney, no lower colon or genital organs. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, as doctors from around the world fought to provide Milagros with a fulfilling life, and performed successful surgery to give her fully functioning legs.chicken

20. Kann Trichan – “Iron Hands”

A real life superhero! One day, whilst working at his chicken stall in Chian Mai, Thailand, Kann watched as a squirrel dropped a mango into a pot filled with boiling oil – which proceeded to splash onto Kann’s hands. However, despite the fact he should have been scalded and in agonizing pain, Kann found NOTHING happened to his skin, and therefore discovered his unique “talent”. He now holds the Guinness World Record for fried chicken picking, and commands an estimated YouTube worth of $45,863.


14. Rajee Narinesingh – Cement Face

After undergoing a failed illegal plastic surgery, Florida’s Rajee Narinesingh has been forced to live the rest of her life with rock-hard cement-like filler in her face, hips and bum. The “doctor” who preformed those experiments on her was sentenced to jail, as Rajee was offered further treatment to correct what could be fixed. YouTube worth: $30,744.


12. Pakkirappa Hunagundi – Eating Bricks, Gravel & Mud

For 30-year-old Pakkirappa Hunagundi, it’s never hard to find a good meal. The Indian began eating a wide variety of non-edible substances at just 10-years-old, but claims he is in perfect health. The weird addiction started when he found a three kilo pile of debris in his village in Karnataka. Most of us would have just left it, but thanks to his bizarre appetite, Hunagundi has an estimated YouTube value of $21,574. Sadly, that money has probably been earned by somebody exploiting Pakkirappa’s story.


3. Liu Ch’ung – The Double-Eyed Emperor

Liu Ch’ung was a Chinese emperor that famously was featured in a episode of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, due to the fact he had TWO irises/pupils in each of his eyeballs. The incredibly rare condition is called “pupula duplex”, which translates to “double pupil” in latin.


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