DOUBLE STANDARD: No FBI Raid On Bill Clinton’s Attorney After He Paid Monica Lewinsky $850,000

Last week was not pleasant for President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer as the FBI took matters into their own hands.

Michael Cohen was suddenly bombarded and his house and personal office was raided by the FBI in search of any information about the alleged payout to porn star Stormy Daniels. President Trump is currently defending himself against the porn star, who claims she had sex with the president over ten years ago. 

Now according to news sources, shortly before the 2016 elections, the FBI was looking for critical evidence about a $130,000 payment Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, made to the porn star. The search warrants had been looked into by FBI agents and federal prosecutors in NY working side by side with Robert Mueller’s team just after the first referral from Mueller’s office. 

According to 100percentfedup:

In January 1999, the New York Times reported, that President Bill Clinton sent $850,000 to Paula Corbin Jones to settle the sexual misconduct lawsuit that started his impeachment proceedings after Clinton lied to a Grand Jury about having sex with an intern under his Oval Office desk. The FBI didn’t raid Bill Clinton’s lawyer’s office to prove Clinton was guilty of lying about the sexual misconduct charge.

Clinton Administration officials said a check for $850,000, the amount agreed to in November to settle the case, was being sent by overnight mail to Ms. Jones and her lawyers. The officials, who asked that their names not be used, said that a little more than half of the money, $475,000, came from an insurance policy against civil liability the President held with Chubb Group Insurance. Most, if not all, of the remainder, was withdrawn from a blind trust in the name of Mrs. Clinton, which officials said last year had assets of slightly more than $1 million.

A blind trust that is in Mr. Clinton’s name was reported in financial disclosure forms last year to have less than $100,000 in assets. A White House official said that although the trusts were in separate names, they were, in effect, joint accounts.

The payment ends Mr. Clinton’s involvement in the lawsuit itself, but its repercussions continue as the Senate prepares to hear opening arguments on Thursday in his trial on two articles of impeachment stemming from Ms. Jones’s complaint. It was in a deposition that the President gave in Ms. Jones’s lawsuit last Jan. 17 that he first denied having sexual relations with Monica S. Lewinsky, a former White House intern.

The impeachment articles charge that Mr. Clinton lied about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky before a grand jury and obstructed justice by trying to conceal that relationship.

The lawsuit that led to the impeachment drama was filed by Ms. Jones in 1994. She contended that three years earlier, when she was an Arkansas state employee and Mr. Clinton was Governor, he had her summoned to his hotel suite in Little Rock, Ark., where he made a crude sexual proposal.

Mr. Clinton denied the accusation, but he allowed that it was possible that Ms. Jones was escorted to the suite for an innocent introduction.

Lawyers for the President and Ms. Jones came close to settling the lawsuit but did so only last November after much of the damage to Mr. Clinton had occurred. As part of the settlement, he did not admit to any wrongdoing and did not offer any apologies, two conditions that Ms. Jones had earlier insisted would have to be part of any agreement.

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