David Hogg Snags Book Deal; Internet EXPLODES With Fury Over The Title

Parkland student turned anti-gun activist David Hogg and his sister, Lauren Hogg, snagged a massive book deal, but the title of the book has already infuriated many people.

On Wednesday, Hogg announced that he and his sister have signed a deal with Penguin Random House for a book to be published sometime June.

According to Newsmax, the book will be titled “#NeverAgain,” and it has not sat well with many online. The phrase has been used to memorialize the Holocaust and the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

The book will chronicle the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In February, confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz killed 17 innocent people and injured many others during his attack.

The book will be “a statement of generational purpose, and a moving portrait of the birth of a new movement” and describe “voices of a new generation that are speaking the truth to power, and are determined to succeed where their elders have failed.”

They will reportedly use the proceeds from the book to “help the community,” thought it’s unclear how much they were paid and what portion would go toward community projects.

Here’s how social media reacted to the book title, with many highly upset that Hogg is cheapening the phrase to sell books.


Hogg and other Parkland students have been leading rallies and doing interviews nonstop since the shooting, willingly submitting to being a mouthpiece for liberal groups.

When they aren’t railing against guns, they are lecturing Americans about eroding the Second Amendment and they shouldn’t be allowed to legally own firearms.

Hogg’s anti-gun tactics may be sitting well with liberals, but many regular Americans are tired of his antics and will take no interest in his book.

What do you think about David and Lauren Hogg’s book title? Comment below.

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