Rosenstein Gave Trump Direct Message From Mueller; Liberals Are Going To MELTDOWN

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Donald Trump last week that he “isn’t a target of any part” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russia collusion.

According to Axios, Rosenstein made the explosive claim last week during a private meeting at the White House.

Democrats are not going to be happy about this major revelation. It not only exposes their main talking point against Trump, but also shows that after nearly a year of investigating, Mueller’s office has yet to find a shred of evidence to warrant making Trump a direct target.

A “target” in an investigation means there’s evidence to suggest an individual has either committed a crime or was involved with another person who broke the law.

Following the meeting, Axios also reports that Trump told officials at the White House that he didn’t plan to fire either Rosenstein or Mueller.

This is also crucial because the liberal media has been hyperventilating for months that Trump was going to fire Mueller and/or Rosenstein.

Here’s how social media reacted to the bombshell report:


Democrats have been claiming we are on the precipice of a constitutional crisis, but it has turned out to be another fake news ploy by liberals to attack the president.

After nearly a year of investigating, neither Mueller’s office nor Congress has found a shred of evidence proving collusion took place between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

It’s time for Democrats to take a hint and stop peddling conspiracy theoriesabout Trump.


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