BOOM! Watch As This Judge SILENCES An Idiot #BlackLivesMatter Lawyer

WATCH This Judge SILENCE An Idiot #BlackLivesMatter Lawyer

This is one Judge who has had enough!

The “client” just happened to be running from a car after, like, gun shots were fired — total coincidence. At one in the morning —he was out jogging while he was fresh. In a neighborhood in which he didn’t live — cause maybe he and the wife and kids will move there. Hiding from police in a private dock, in the water — he wanted to see the pretty, pretty boats. With a gun holster — because…fashion?

You’ve gotta give the defender some credit for at least trying the meme “White Cops Shoot Unarmed Black Men all the time,” and my innocent, unarmed client was just trying to not get killed. And he wanted to take a dip in the water at 1 am. Doctor says it’s good for the skin.

The attorney never got a chance to say why his client had a gun holster and no gun. Here’s our take: a gun holster, with no gun, equals style. Pretty sure Kanye West is featuring it in his new fashion line. Not because he’s black, but because he’s Kanye. Gold-plated Gun Holster, Without Gun. It’s a thing, just Google it.

So applause to Judge Hurley, who got to say what many of us are thinking and can’t say, lest we’re called racists and thus blacklisted from all of society for all of time.

Now excuse me, I have to go buy a gun holster for my next gala.

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