Democrat Senator Goes On Racist Rant After Bank Teller Refuses To Cash Check

Those on the left claim that they are the party of tolerance and diversity but more often than not they prove to the world how nasty they really are. Take for example the latest antics by a Democrat Senator last week when a bank teller was not able to cash her check.

The bank teller who was following company policy refused to cash WI state senator Lena Taylor’s check, but instead of the “honorable” senator accepting the bad news and moving on, she went on a racist rant that has shocked the nation.

Here is more from 100 Percent Fed Up:

WI state senator Lena Taylor (D) appears to have a history of making comments without first engaging her brain. When conservative Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke announced his retirement, the Democrat state senator, without any evidence, accused Clarke of abusing the people he served. Here’s the not-so-classy statement Taylor made to Milwaukee residents regarding Clarke’s retirement:

“This is truly a good Thursday. I want to thank Sheriff Clarke for his decision to step down. After years of abuse at his hands, the people of Milwaukee can sleep soundly tonight.”

The unhinged Democrat has once again, found herself in some hot water with a racist comment she made that was directed at a black bank teller refused to cash her check…

According to The American Mirror, A Wisconsin state senator was cited for disorderly conduct last week after she allegedly berated a black bank teller with racist language over a dispute about a check.

Lena Taylor, a black Democratic state senator representing Milwaukee, received a municipal citation for disorderly conduct on Friday from Milwaukee police who were at the Wells Fargo Bank on W. Wisconsin Ave. on an unrelated call, WISN reports.

Taylor allegedly got into a dispute with a teller who refused to cash an $831 check for esteemed lawmaker because she did not have enough funds in her account to cover it.

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