Macron Hopes To Sway President Trump Into Staying With The Iran Deal

Over the past week, President Trump has been meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and discussing a myriad of topics facing the world. One of those topics is the hotly debated Iran Deal from 2015, which Trump has threatened to pull out of despite massive pushback from the global community. In a last-ditch effort to save the deal, Macron is pushing the limits of international diplomacy, which is drawing disgust from Trump.

According to sources, Macron is seeking to cultivate a personal relationship with President Trump that would help salvage the deal. The alleged premise behind Macron’s motives is that if the United States preserves the agreement, it would be the foundation of a new and expanded deal that would address the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program and destabilizing behavior across the Middle East.

While Macron pushes for an agreement to be made while he visits Washington, D.C., Trump has continued to rebuke the Obama-era deal. Macron said, “I think we are overcoming it by deciding to work towards a deal, an overall deal that will enable us to deal with the nuclear issue, but also treat it together with another three issues which were not being dealt with so far.”

Macron added, “I always said we should not tear apart the JCPOA and have nothing else. I think this would not be a good solution. No matter the decision now that President Trump will take, I would like us to work as from now on a new deal with four pillars, including what is already covered by the JCPOA.”

However, there may be a change of heart as Trump is spending time with the amicable leader and has stated he is willing to be more flexible. “We can be flexible. You know, in life you have to be flexible, and as leaders of countries, you have to show flexibility,” Trump said.

Many questions remain “whether or not it will be possible to do a new deal with solid foundations,” Trump said.
“We could have at least an agreement among ourselves fairly quickly,” he added. “I think we’re fairly close to understanding each other. And I think our meeting, our one-on-one went very, very well.”
While the meetings between Macron and President Trump appear to be going well, Trump did not hold back, and issued a stern warning to Tehran if it resumed its nuclear program, saying, “If Iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid.”

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