Supreme Court Poised To Uphold Trump’s Controversial Travel Ban

Over the last year, the left has been screaming over President Trump and his travel ban. However, despite the liberals best efforts to overrule Trump’s constitutional ban they have forged forward in an attempt to undermine the president. Now, the left may suffer a stunning defeat as it appears that the Supreme Court will vote to uphold the ban and it is about time.

Here is more from Fox News Insider:

Judge Andrew Napolitano predicted Wednesday that he believes President Trump’s travel ban will be upheld with a 5 to 4 vote in the Supreme Court.

The Trump administration is arguing that the ban is in the best interest of U.S. national security, while critics say the move is discriminatory because it impacts mostly Muslim countries.

The justices took the rare step of making an audio recording of Wednesday’s proceedings.

“I think there are 50 predominantly Muslim countries in the world. Five predominantly Muslim countries are on this list. The population of the predominantly Muslim countries on this list make up about 8 percent of the world’s Muslim population,” said Justice Samuel Alito in the recording.

“If you looked at the 10 countries with the most Muslims, exactly one — Iran — would be on that list of the top 10. So, would a reasonable observer think this was a Muslim ban?”

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