Macron Claims Trump Will Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal

French President Emmanuel Macron believes President Donald Trump will withdraw from the Iran nuclear accord, which could deliver a crippling blow to the agreement that was reached in 2015 and endorsed by numerous world leaders.

“My view — I don’t know what your president will decide — is that he will get rid of this deal on his own for domestic reasons.”

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., Macron added that he encouraged the U.S. president to stay in the accord during his three-day visit to the U.S. capital.

“You will have probably, it’s almost sure, a period of tension in such a scenario,” Macron added. “We have to accept that because there is no other option, and it’s the best of your president that this period of tension could be fruitful because it could push them to move.”

Macron later added that he did not have any insider information regarding Trump’s potential decision regarding the nuclear deal.

The remarks from Macron come a day after he and Trump hosted a news conference in which the French president had hoped the two world leaders could have addressed Trump’s concerns. Trump has continued to blast the nuclear deal over the past year, calling it “insane” and the “worst deal ever.”

It has become a top priority for Macron and other European leaders to keep the United States in the agreement that was reached during the Obama administration. The deadline for Trump to either continue with the deal and waive sanctions is on May 12, which gives the U.S. president time to decide whether to stay in the accord for now.

On Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will arrive in Washington, D.C., and is expected to reiterate Macron’s message about staying in the accord.

However, despite pressure from world leaders, two of the president’s principal foreign policy advisers — nominee for secretary of state Mike Pompeo, and National Security Adviser John Bolton — have been opposed to the agreement for quite some time, citing that it goes against America’s best interests.

Macron has suggested to President Trump that a new deal be created, which Trump, according to sources, appeared to be somewhat interested in.

The French president stated the blueprint for a potential new deal has “solid foundations.” It has been reported that teams of American negotiators have been working with European allies over the past several weeks on a new accord.

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