HIDDEN CAMERA Reveals This Nanny’s Brutal Use Of A Hot Curling Iron On A Two-Year-Old

HIDDEN CAMERA Reveals This Nanny's Brutal Use Of A Hot Curling Iron On A Toddler

Without this footage she may have gotten away with it…

These Long Island, New York parents got the shock of their lives after returning home from work one day. Their nanny, Nosipho Nxumalo, age 21, is in jail after having been charged with assault, endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon. That weapon, unfortunately, was a hot curling iron. This nanny was caught disciplining their two-year-old, Alexander, in a brutal, inhumane way.

The couple said that their son was whimpering about the nanny hurting him, so they checked the footage. The woman yelled at him then heated up the curling iron and began taunting him with it. She then started touching the boys feet and hands with the hot instrument.

Angela Persaud, the mother, described the horrific footage to CBS New York: “So she touches it to makes sure that it’s hot, and then when he jumps because it burns him, she continues to touch his foot again and then goes for his hands,” she said.

Nxumalo was introduced to these parents by Mom’s Helper, Inc., a placement agency that provides introductions. Mom’s Helper says that the nanny does not work for them, therefore they cannot fire her. The Persauds want the nanny to be banned from ever working with children again.

Nxumalo has reportedly pleaded not guilty and told a judge she is innocent, although did admit to being frustrated with the boy because he had hit her.

Angela responded: “Well, he’s going to be three, you know. There’s a reason why they call it the terrible two’s. They do that a lot.”

Watch the horrific footage and the video report, below:

What do you think would be a suitable punishment for this nanny? Child abuse is serious and it appears that the authorities are going to pursue maximum charges against her.

Hopefully, justice will be served and the little boy will be ok.


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