Angry Liberals Try To Take Down Cowboy’s Conservative Sign, But Quickly Learn That Was A BIG Mistake

In today’s world, everyone seems to have an opinion, but instead of accepting those clashing ideas there are some that want to force theirs on others. For instance, over the last several years, the country has been divided over the topic of gun control and how to handle the rise of school shootings.

The left’s solution is to ban all guns and to impose stricter gun laws on law-abiding citizens, but conservatives strongly disagree, and for a good reason. The fact of the matter is why should law-abiding citizens who have never committed a crime be punished for crimes they will never carry out.

To make sure their voices are heard, more conservatives are speaking out and not allowing the bullying tactics of the left to keep them silent any more, which is what one business owner did early last month. In a sign posted outside his business, William “Bill” Davis showed his support for the second amendment and President Trump. So, when liberals in his town became angry over his patriotic display, they tried to take it down, but quickly learned that was a big mistake.

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A Florida seafood restaurant owner was so fed up with what he’d seen lately that he got off the fence for the first time to share exactly how he felt by posting four blunt phrases on the sign outside his business. Not concerned with who he would offend, he got more than he expected when certain people saw it, but the cowboy had a surprise for them.

William “Bill” Davis has been in the business of serving the people of Sarasota the freshest seafood around and providing friendly customer service for years at Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant. Being in a public business, Bill said he’s always kept his opinions to himself but couldn’t do it anymore after seeing what Democrats were trying to do.

The conservative didn’t want any liberals telling him how to live, so he put a special message on his marquee. To say that it didn’t go over well with those who have different political views is a bit of an understatement. When those who oppose his sentiments tried to retaliate, it backfired on them.

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant

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