Ben Carson Just Delivered Devastating News To Those Taking Advantage of Welfare

Kirsters Baish| Liberals already hated Ben Carson, but he just gave them one more thing to complain about. Carson is known around the world as an incredibly honored neurosurgeon. The left hated him from the moment he entered the world of politics as a black conservative. Carson, the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, announced this week that he has some big ideas involving changes in our country’s subsidized housing program. These changes would raise the percentage of all income housing assistance recipients pay towards their rent from 30 percent to 35 percent. The minimum rent payment would also be raised from $50 to $150, according to the proposal.

Carson took part in an interview with the Townhall website this past Friday. He explained that it was simply a way of “moving people along to a position of self-sufficiency.”

Obviously, the left is ticked off, but what else is new?

The liberal media has been painting Carson as someone who wants to screw over the poor people in our country, and of course they’re claiming that his plans would “hurt single mothers the most.” Carson made it clear while speaking with Townhall that this is not the case.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The proposal is called the “Making Affordable Housing Work Act,” and it would require congressional action because HUD can’t change rent rules on its own authority, according to CNN Money.

That means it’s already getting hammered by Democrats in Congress — who love nothing more than keeping poor people poor and voting Democrat — but Carson told Townhall he was expecting the resistance.

That doesn’t mean the ideas are bad, he said. With the economic improvements under President Donald Trump, with the nation’s unemployment rate is at an historic low, now is the time to overhaul the system, he said.

“I would only be shocked if someone said yes, please increase my rent,” he told Townhall. “No one’s ever going to say that, but you know we have exemptions for anybody for whom this is going to be a great hardship.”

“For the vast, vast majority of cases it is not going to be.”

These proposals do not apply to the physically impaired or the elderly, as reported by CNN. They are meant for only able-bodied adults. The HUD Secretary also explained that subsidized housing was never meant to suck up taxpayer dollars in order to support multiple generations of families in poverty. It was meant to be a stepping stone of sorts, not a permanent solution for lazy people, but unfortunately that is what it has become.

Carson explained to Townhall, “If you look at HUD over the last couple decades it’s been mostly about just putting people under a roof and sort of keeping them there. Instead of it being a stepladder it’s become a mode of life and, in many cases, for generation after generation of individuals and I don’t think it’s their fault. I think it’s the fault of the system that has basically sapped the incentive for people to work.”

The Trump administration is working towards something much bigger. They are hoping that people will be motivated to work in order to receive public assistance, such as food stamps.

Carson went on, “Obviously we’re sensitive to people who have exceptional situations. Obviously, we’re going to take care of those people in an appropriate way but the key thing for people to understand is that doing nothing simply is not an option.”

The left already hated Ben Carson, but he just gave them another reason to be very very afraid.

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