Famous Attorney Robert Barnes Gave a MASSIVE Warning To Jake Tapper

As reported by Steven Ahle of SF&L| Famed criminal lawyer Robert Barnes says that what CNN’s tapper did is worse than what Julian Assange is accused of. Although reporters are exempt in many ways, they are not permitted to break the Espionage Act. To make matters worse for Tapper is that James Clapper relayed information from the fake Hillary dossier to Tapper, so he can’t deny it.

Clapper originally lied about the events. But then he admitted that he gave tapper information from the dossier. So Clapper broke the Espionage Act but so did Tapper.

“Just Out: House Intelligence Committee Report released. “No evidence” that the Trump Campaign “colluded, coordinated or conspired with Russia.” Clinton Campaign paid for Opposition Research obtained from Russia- Wow! A total Witch Hunt! MUST END NOW!”

“While it is rare, and should be limited in its use, @jaketapper may want to lawyer-up: journalists are not exempt from criminal prosecution under the Espionage Act. Indeed, it appears what @jaketapper did is worse than what his CIA allies said Assange should go to prison for.”

“There is a connection b/t two stories today: Dems funding a FusionGPS-run, post-election smear campaign against Trump & 2) this story below, likely planted w/ @CNN by the same #FusionGPS. How? Lawyer involved admits she is on payroll of FusionGPS. Is @jaketapper a co-conspirator?”

Read this FULL piece From SF&L

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