Parents DNA Test Their Adopted Daughter And Are Blindsided By The Results

Life often throws us curveballs, but there are some that we receive that are so far out of the ballpark you never see it coming,  just like one family just found out.

Staci and James Maneage, a married couple from Weldon Spring, Missouri adopted a little girl from China who was to complete their happy family. The little girl suffered from a brain disorder, but that did not deter the happy couple who so deserately wanted to give this child a home. After the adoption was complete, the couple et another couple that had adopted a little girl from China who was just a few years younger than their child. As the two families became close so did the little girls which is when the parents began to notice shocking similarities in their children.

On a long shot, the parents decided to have their little girls DNA tested and discovered that they were in fact, related.

Here is more from AWM:

The orphan’s name was Elliana, and she sadly suffered from a brain disorder. While other couples balked when they learned about her condition, the Maneages wanted to help her out even more.

When she came to the United States, the Maneages were happy to share a similar experience with Paige and Steve Galbierz. They also adopted a child from China. And as luck had it, they attended the same church.

The Galbierz’s little girl was 7-years-old and named Kinley. Like Elliana, Kinley also had a brain disorder. Soon the two little girls became fast friends, primarily since the two families lived only minutes from each other and they were from the same country.

Although the girls were adopted from different cities, they looked similar, and they got along like sisters. But in a country with more than 1.4 billion people in it, the odds that they’re both sisters were nearly impossible. Nevertheless, the two families decided to get the girls’ DNA tested.

And the result left everyone speechless.

Elliana and Kinley were long-lost sisters. The girls had a 99.9 percent chance of being sisters. In DNA terms that is a near perfect match.

Not only were they long-lost sisters, but they were also adopted by families that attended the same church and lived minutes from one another.


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