Racist Takes Over Ceremony Of Unknown Soldier With Nasty Surprise To Destroy 100 Years Of Sacred Tradition

No matter what is happening in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, come rain, snow, sleet, or hail the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery is fully guarded as it has been for the last 80 years. Tomb Guard Sentinels stand solemnly and without so much as a shrug or shift while on guard duty for the large white marble sarcophagus that contains the remains of our fallen Soldiers whose identities are known only to God. At certain times you will hear a lone trumpet playing the haunting melody of Taps as the notes resonate through the surrounding hills of the cemetery. The somber song and the dedication of the Guards bring to mind the ultimate sacrifice given by our fallen warriors in their unselfish fight to preserve our country’s very freedom.

The guard is meticulously changed on the hour every hour. This elaborate and sacred ritual has been strictly held since 1937 by the elite Soldiers of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment. The only sound that visitors hear other than the lone in the background, is the soft clicking of the Guards shoes as they pace back and forth in front of the tomb. It all comes together to evoke feelings of sadness, remembrance, and respect by almost all Americans who visit to pay their respects.

Almost all Americans. Sadly, the solemn atmosphere of that nearly 100-year-old tradition was rudely shattered recently when one young man decided to show up and completely disrespect the honor of our fallen Soldiers to make a disgusting political statement in front of the unmarked tomb. A combat veteran and his daughter were just getting to the front of the line to pay their respects when they noticed a young black man who decided this would be the perfect place for him to protest against all things American by dropping to one knee in semblance with the NFL athletes that have taken to using that pose to protest “oppression in America.”

This young individual managed to do nothing but start a viral outrage when the veteran’s daughter posted the picture and her father soon after shared it. For this child to turn the sacred and hallowed grounds of our lost warriors into a site for his very uneducated and self-entitled antics is the epitome of low. This is the very last place that anyone should ever be trying to protest the very things that our unnamed soldiers died for, to begin with.

The photo very rapidly made its rounds on the internet and then again became viral after it was viewed and reposted by a user on 4Chan. Americans were instantly outraged that anyone could find enough audacity within themselves to pull a stunt like this and completely bewildered at the possible reasoning for someone to protest our fallen Soldiers.

“Kneeling at the tombstone of one of the very heroes that died for his right to kneel in protest is the most disrespectful thing imaginable. He may be exercising the right provided for him by those we have lost, but he really needs to hit both knees and pray for forgiveness for the numerous sins he more than likely committed the whole week before this picture was taken.”

“I am not in jail. I am not in jail because sh*t like this never happens in front of me…”
“I blame all the people around him and I blame us altogether. The people around him cause somebody shoulda put a knee in his f****** jaw. And I blame all of us for letting this shi*t get this far.”

“I’ve laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns when I was 13 years old and this p*sses me off. I get that he has the constitutional right to do this, but he needs to understand that there is a time and place for a “protest.” The time wasn’t right then and the place wasn’t at the tomb. Stand the **** up and leave the grounds. Those buried at Arlington deserve all honor and respect regardless of your political opinions.”

“I thought taking a knee wasn’t about protesting the military?”

“Some a$$holes like the guy in this picture taking a knee at the tombstone of the unknown is only looking for 15 minutes of fame to get his name all over Facebook and think that he’s a badass thug. Where is a Marine to kick his a$$ for what he has done? Put him in trauma for a few months and break both his knees so that he can’t do it again.”

“Another cumgargling generational welfare leech attempting to stoke the flames of hatred while trying to get his 15 minutes of air time.”

This has to be one of the most disturbing actions taken by these protesters. How is it that anyone with any brains can think that the remains of these fallen warriors have anything at all to do with the supposed “oppression” that black athletes claim other blacks suffer from by living in America? Had it not been for the very men and women in that tomb having given the ultimate sacrifices, as well as many before them, we would still be living under harsh tyranny without any freedoms at all. This important fact seems to be lost on this young black man since he decided that he needed to disrespect the resting place of the very people who literally gave their lives for him to have everything that he so callously seems takes for granted. Including the ability to afford the Jordan’s on his feet and the cell phone in his pocket.

This young man’s acts are clearly the result of watching too many racist athletes in the NFL continue to protest our country and disrespect our fallen warriors on the football field. These protesters don’t stop at simply taking a knee anymore. Instead of quietly protesting, some black players have even started raising black power salutes whenever they tackle a white player as a proclamation of their “superiority” over the white race and the country they view as “white America.” Yet they then turn and call all whites racist?

Those of you who predicted that these anti-American protests were just the beginning was 100% correct. Liberals simply will not be satisfied until each and every American symbol, statue, monument, pastime, and sacred tradition is completely erased from our memories and our history books. It is crystal clear that they seriously believe that anything that represents our country is “racist” and should be eradicated.

If you had been at the tomb that day and had seen this young man take his knee what would you have done? Would you have been able to react calmly and ignore him, or would you have been moved by absolute rage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!





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