Stormy Daniels Ran For The Hills After Bill O’Reilly Came Forward

Opinion| Bill O’Reilly has never been shy about voicing his opinions, and when it came down to discussing Stormy Daniels and her accusations against President Donald Trump, O’Reilly had a few things to say. He had some very specific suspicions about the porn star’s attack on the President.

We have all been speculating on the true intent of Daniels’ attack on Trump. We found out the truth this past Saturday evening when the porn star made an appearance on known liberal show, “Saturday Night Live.”


Take a look at the skit in the video below:



As I’m sure you noticed, SNL brought on a laundry list of celebrities who love to hate President Trump in order to bash the Trump administration. Comedian/actor Ben Stiller played the role of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Far-left winger Alec Baldwin played the role of President Trump, himself. Baldwin was clearly mocking Trump during the entire skit. It wasn’t just the words that were coming out of his mouth that were in a mean-spirited nature. His entire face was caked with orange makeup and his hair looked like someone replaced his toupee with a dust bunny. Hell, even his facial expressions were mocking Trump. Then, for the finale, towards the end of the video, Stormy Daniels made her appearance.


She failed to save the skit, and in fact, Bill O’Reilly pointed out that Daniels revealed what she has been after all along.


There is something wrong in this country when a person like Stormy Daniels can go on a national TV program and be applauded by a live audience.

What exactly are these people celebrating?

It doesn’t matter whether you approve of President Trump or not.  He’s currently in charge of the country and Ms. Daniels is making his job much harder.  And for what?  Could it be money?  She’s already been paid for her alleged tryst but apparently wants more cash and notoriety.  Again, why is that worthy of applause?

Americans knew about Donald Trump’s social resume when the election was held.  What we didn’t know was the intensity of the media hatred toward the man.  That loathing has emboldened people to attack the President on every level.  Is this also something to be applauded?  Is this a good thing for America?

O’Reilly is totally right. We all knew about Donald Trump’s history when we elected him. The possibility that he had relations with a porn star ten years ago doesn’t change the way Americans view him.

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