Two Decade Old Video Of Bill Clinton Surfaces That Has Democrats In Complete FREAK OUT MODE

While no one would ever accuse the Clinton’s of being pillars of truth and honor, it is still fun to find the diamonds in the rough of their past stances and political speeches. It’s about 9 times out of 10 they will always contradict the most recent bandwagon one of them is trying to jump on. Between Watergate, Pizzagate, Benghazi, Russian collusion, and many other actions that are quite illegal and highly indicative of the Clinton’s character, there are often smaller things that catch them back-tracking or outright lying about.

Enter in this gem of a video from 22 years ago where Bill Clinton literally outlines the same exact things on illegal immigrants that Trump has recently stated. This means that for 22 years or more this overwhelming takeover of America by illegals has been a huge issue on ALL sides, yet Hillary Clinton literally flipped her beliefs overnight to run on the exact opposite of what Bill Clinton used to fight for. On numerous occasions in the past, Hillary has stated that illegal immigration must be handled.

Take and add that to their epic list of flip-flopping beliefs on everything from abortion to climate change and everything in between, how they can even speak without slipping on their own lies and hypocrisy anymore. Do they even have actual beliefs and stances on ANYTHING? Dinner with the Clinton’s must be a hoot. “Honey can you please pass me the butter? Oh no, wait! I mean I did not have cravings for that specific brand!”

I cannot imagine how Chelsea can even walk upright with how far removed from reality she must truly be. At what point did these people forget that their every move will always be recorded and aired out there for the world to see like grandma’s panties on wash day? Did they think that all of their past speeches somehow magically disappeared when Hillary beat the life out of her Blackberry phones and bleach-bit her servers?

Bill must be so proud to stand by a woman he never stood with and be very aware that she bases every election run since his Presidency on the exact opposite of what he spoke on. Amazing what helping to filter illegal funds through a charity will make you do for a spouse you clearly have no commitment to isn’t it?

Check out the video below of Bill Clinton’s take on illegal immigrants.

According to Conservative Tribune’s Facebook :

This is Bill Clinton arguing for more deportations, cracking down on illegals, and speeding up the deportation process. Clinton is on tape here saying we must be “a nation of laws.”
Oh man… the libs are gonna hate this.

Isn’t that just so coincidental? I remember hearing Trump make the same assertions in 2016 and again in 2017, yet Hillary and the left had a field day with calling Trump moronic and racist for saying exactly what needed to be said about an epidemic that is killing our economy.

I guess this being proof that illegal immigration has been a major problem for close to 30 years will set them off as well. The left truly hates being proven wrong and quite frankly insane!!! But then again, this is why we try to keep real news in the spotlight. We wouldn’t want the Democrats to forget what personal responsibility is, now would we.

Surely, someone will jump in and claim that everyone has a right to change their minds over time but that would also belie the facts about the Clinton hypocrisy train that chugs through the loopy station from time to time. Truly, when asking “what happened,” Hillary needs to add “to make me such a terrible person?”

Self reflection is a must at this point because the rest of us already know what kind of person Hillary and her husband are, and it isn’t looking good. Some day we can all hope to see them holding hands and acting all loving…..from behind bars in GITMO with the rest of the terrorists.

What Happened? I will tell you what happened, Hillary. Your husband opened his mouth and you followed suit. Not ever good when neither of you can keep a lie straight.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]

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