James Comey May Go Down Once And For All! US Court Just Made Their Move!

For years, the American people have been clamoring for answers concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails and why she was never charged with a crime. The official story fed to the American people by former FBI Director James Comey was that Hillary didn’t mean any harm when she deleted thousands of classified emails from her server. Of course, Comey’s response never sat well with any of us, but what were any of us to do?

Then soon afterward it was discovered that not only did Hillary delete emails, but she was also involved in a pay to play scandal that involved selling favors to the highest foreign bidders while she was head of the State Department.

These shocking revelations prove that there was a massive government coverup to protect Clinton, and now James Comey is being summoned to answer for his part in it.

Hillary Clinton must have thought she was in the clear after James Comey dismissed the email scandal swirling around her, but that is not the case. Two new congressional investigations into Hillary Clinton have been opened, and the burning question on everyone’s mind is why did Comey allow the former Secretary of State to skirt charges?

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